Selling a property is a complex process to navigate on your own. We can help you simplify it.

Per Land Title Act it is required by law that a notary or lawyer finalize a real estate sales deal. It is recommended that you find a notary or lawyer to represent you 2 weeks before the completion date, and ensure they have the capacity to complete your sales.

What do I need to bring to the notary's office?

  1. Two pieces of government issued picture IDs
  2. Void cheque for sale proceed direct deposit

Common Mistakes

    Confusing citizenship status with tax residency status
    When you are selling your property, we are most concerned about your tax residency status. This status means that you are and will continue to file and remit your taxes in Canada. For some Canadians working or living outside of Canada, if you are a Canadian citizen but you stop paying taxes in Canada, then you would be considered selling your property as a non resident. In such circumstance, our office is legally bound to withhold at least 25% of your sale purchase price until you have engage a tax accountant to help you obtain a Clearance Certificate.
the conveyancing process

You have our support at each step of the process.


Assigning your Representative

Tell your agent “Metrotown Notary” will be your legal representative, at the same time, call our office directly that the file is coming.


Send the Contract

Have the realtor send us a copy of the contract.


Submit your personal information

Submit your personal info via email or online portal. Provide us your existing mortgage information such as the most recent mortgage statement or at a minimum bank name, account number.


Wait for an appointment

When the file is ready, our office will be contacting you via email or phone to book an appointment.


Receipt of Funds from Buyer

Per contract the buyer has until 5pm on the completion date to provide the fund. The fund is going to be at the notary's trust account until the next morning.


Wait for Payout

The last step is simply waiting until the payout is finalized.

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