Buying a home may seem intimidating. We make sure you are well-informed and protected.

Per Land Title Act it is required by law that a notary or lawyer finalize a real estate sales deal. It is recommended that you find a notary or lawyer to represent you 2 weeks before the completion date, and ensure they have the capacity to complete your sales.

What do I need to bring to the Notary's office?

  • Two pieces of government issued picture IDs
  • A bank draft of the final balance you need to bring in for the remainder of your down-payment.

Common Mistakes

    Risk of making a no subject offer
    In a bid to obtain your dream home, no subject offer means you are taking on the deficiencies of the property as it stands, and you may be stuck with hidden problems that are not readily visible to you or the home inspector. You may be stuck with repair and fixing bills that you may not be ready to make right after purchase.
    Have sufficient insurance in place
    Your mortgaging bank and lender will require specific insurance in place. Make sure you understand that your mortgage bank requires and enough insurance in place for mortgage funding purposes. Some of the common required insurance coverages are:
    • Full replacement cost of the property for the following coverages*:
      • Fire
      • Flood
      • Sewer backup
      • Earthquake
    • Having a mortgage lined up will ensure that you have enough financial assurance to complete the purchase.
    • Any delay in the completion of your new home will mean you are in breach of your contractual terms, and the seller is entitled to ask for additional compensation for the delay.
    *the above list is not a full extension list. It is for reference only
the conveyancing process

Here are the exact steps you will go through:


Assigning your Representative

Tell your agent “Metrotown Notary” will be your legal representative, at the same time, call our office directly that the file is coming.


Send the Contract

Have the realtor send us a copy of the contract.


Submit your personal information

Submit your personal info via email or online portal.

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